National Human Trafficking Prevention Month

January 10, 2024


In today’s episode of School Safety Today by Raptor Technologies, host Dr. Amy Grosso sat down with Annabelle Thomson, Program Specialist with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children’s (NCMEC) Child Sex Trafficking Team, to discuss the nature and scope of child sex trafficking, misconceptions and warning signs in children, the role of educators and communities in prevention and support, as well as free resources available to help schools proactively combat this growing problem.

Key Points from Russo and Thomson’s conversation:

• Human trafficking includes child sex trafficking and happens across the country.

• Educators play a crucial role in identifying and supporting potential victims. Warning signs include changes in behavior, unexplained possessions, and periods of missing from home or school.

• Community and school engagement, understanding students’ backgrounds, and providing a safe, supportive environment.

Guest Annabelle Thomson is the Program Specialist with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children’s (NCMEC) Child Sex Trafficking Team. Previously, Ms. Thomson served as an anti-trafficking subject matter expert and logistics coordinator with the national SOAR to Health and Wellness Training under the National Human Trafficking Training and Technical Assistance Center (NHTTAC) which is funded by the Department of Health and Human Services Office on Trafficking in Persons.

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