Personalized Learning Has Arrived


First things first. Jean Sharp, Chief Academic Officer for Apex Learning believes that in order to stop the continuing crisis of learning loss due to the pandemic, schools and providers must first attend to the social and emotional needs of students. In this episode of Remote Possibilities, Jean provides insights on how to accomplish this.

For more than 25 years, Jean has brought her extensive leadership and management experience to developing learning solutions for K-12 students.  Her background includes product development, curriculum strategy, instructional design and development, project management, and effective implementations for digital learning solutions in the K-12 education and software publishing industry.

As Chief Academic Officer, she is responsible for driving Apex Learning’s academic leadership in the market and setting the vision for curriculum and instructional design in Apex Learning’s digital learning solutions. Jean is committed to aligning the needs of educators today with solutions that meet student learning needs and maximize student success.  Prior to assuming the role as Chief Academic Officer, Jean served as Apex Learning’s Vice President, Content Development.

Throughout her career, Jean has been bringing learning opportunities to students in classroom and homes across the nation.  Prior to joining Apex Learning, Jean served as Vice President of Curriculum and Instruction for AdvancePath Academics, where she was responsible for overseeing curriculum design, implementation, and efficacy. Previously, Jean was Vice President of Curriculum Development at PLATO Learning Inc. Among her credits are numerous award-winning educational software products published for both school and consumer markets.

She holds a Masters Degree in Educational Technology and Instructional Design from the University of Oklahoma.

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