Continuous improvement is the crux of our schooling system, not only for students but for educators, too. What the industry has seen, both through shifts in culture and technology, is that personalized, one-on-one learning is how Generation Z and future students will adapt to the modern workforce. Each teacher, district and state approaches personalized learning differently in their schools, a great scenario for innovation but a nightmare for standardization.

On today’s EdTech podcast, we sat down with Ryan Patenaude, Sr. Vice President & Co-founder of FEV Tutor, and Dr. Paul Miller, Former Director of Personalized Learning for Johns Hopkins University and the Success for All Foundation. The two discuss best practices and trends for personalized learning, showcasing successful implementation of FEV Tutor, a site that offers live one-on-one tutoring designed to drive results, as an example.

Dr. Miller points out that the way systems interact, or fail to interact, is often what really impacts student success. By focusing on the development of instructional systems as a way to promote what happens in the classroom, he was able to work statewide, see a bigger picture, and make a bigger, system-wide change that affected a lot more students.

Recently, Dr. Miller and colleagues received a $25 million Investing In Innovation (i3) grant for the Success for All Foundation, a program that works on literacy and math with at-risk students. Through this grant, they were able to take their practices to 18 states, 130 schools, and 140,000 students.

We talk to Patenaude and Dr. Miller, who explain how they scaled up their model, how to impact a cooperative learning group when students just don’t get it (especially when students of all knowledge levels are combined in one room), the impact that live one-on-one tutoring can have, and what you can do in your own classroom to foster success for yourself and your students.

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