As more and more technology comes into the classroom, there are always challenges in learning and effectively training staff and teachers how to use the technology. In this episode of the MarketScale EdTech Podcast, host Shelby Skrhak sat down with Dywer Middle School Principal Christa Glembocki to discuss how she’s deployed technology at her campus and helped reluctant teachers make the transition confidently.

At the Huntington Beach, California middle school, making mistakes is part of the staff development curriculum.

“With the digital natives, all the kids are coming in knowing this technology but a lot of the adults don’t so it’s an intimidating factor and fear,” Glembocki said. “They don’t want to mess up or fail with something.”

But Glembocki feels that’s a great learning tool for teachers and students alike.

“It shows we’re all learning and growing, and we all make mistakes,” she said. “I try to model the technology myself during staff meetings, and they see me goof it up. Sometimes it doesn’t work or doesn’t pan out like how you hoped it would, but I hope I’m modeling that that’s ok.”

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