Professional Tutors Are Working to Meet Students’ Needs in the Age of COVID

As families navigate the complexities of living and working from home together, the issues surrounding remote learning pose particularly tough questions. For example, how do parents manage their work schedule, as well as that of their children, all at the same time? How can parents and teachers best support the educational needs of students, and what resources will that require?

Voice of B2B, Daniel Litwin sat down with Lindsey Wander, the founder and CEO of WorldWise Tutoring, discusses the impact of professional tutors on families worried about their children’s education.

She sees a huge need for individualized learning — and the educators that provide them — especially for children with learning difficulties or parents that don’t have the bandwidth to take on such a crucial responsibility.

However, educators with a diverse array of experiences and subject specialties are now stepping up to the plate. Wander stated that she’s seen principals, and even those with Master’s degrees or PhD’s answer her call for specialized tutors. “I’m seeing a lot of highly qualified instructors who are using this as their own pivot to provide safer instruction and still stay in a field that they love.”

She also noted the increasingly larger role that professional tutors play in a family’s dynamics today. They’re not just tutors, after all. They act as mediators between parents and children as well.

“I’m helping to bring out the best in your child, so that you can do the best you can as a parent… So you can focus on your work and parenting, while I handle the education side of it.”

But just like in-person education, remote professional tutoring remains meaningful work. Wander believes that personalized tutoring “brings back general joy into learning, but also peace into the household, which is definitely something I think we all need right now.”

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