Redefining Mobility with Sketchbattle, From Four Wheels to Flying Skateboards: Part 2

August 9, 2023
Ron Stefanski


In the rapid rise of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, where every industry seems to be disrupted by software and technology, a burning debate simmers: Is the essence of human creativity being overshadowed by our tech tools? For those who once delineated clear borders between the worlds of art, design, and engineering, the fusion is unsettling, yet undeniably transformative. What, then, is the future of creativity in this age of technological marvel? Brook Banham, Founder and Designer at Sketchbattle, has an idea.

In this second of a two-part episode of DisruptED, hosted by Ron Stefanski with guests Brook Banham, Founder and Designer at Sketchbattle, the two dive deep into the crux of this debate. As they meander through the evolution of design, touching upon the origins of Brook’s passion in the world of car design, to the significance of sketching in the age of CAD, a revelation becomes evident.

  • The essence of design is shifting from its conventional routes, where lines between art and technology blur.
  • Tools like ‘Gravity Sketch’, which merge the worlds of sketching and modeling, redefine what it means to be an artist in this tech-savvy era.
  • The rise of technology does not necessarily mean the death of organic creativity. Rather, it offers a bridge between human expression and technological precision.

Brook Banham, with a rich background in design and innovation, founded Sketchbattle as the “Fight Club of Design.” It’s a platform for designers to showcase their skills, often under immense pressure, with the world watching. These design competitions reflect the fast-paced evolution of the industry and highlight the creative potential of the next generation.

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