On this episode of the MarketScale Online Learning Minute, host Brian Runo was joined by the Remote Possibilities podcast’s Kevin Hogan, who will also begin a role as an education contributor at MarketScale.

Hogan and Runo dove into Hogan’s two-decade career of exploring the intersection between business and technology, from the first days of email to the exciting and cutting-edge possibilities of today.

For the past 15 years, Hogan has focused on education technology and remote learning, making him uniquely qualified to assess how the current unprecedented period of remote work has affected the world’s education and to look ahead at what our collective new normal could be.

The duo also took a trip through many aspects of the online and remote learning space, including how universities were unprepared for the current period of forced remote learning, issues with Zoom regarding productivity and security, a lack of digital equity holding students back, and more.

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