Robotics in Early Learning Can Be Essential in How Students React to STEM Literacy

Early learning robotics can be essential in how students react to STEM literacy and with large gaps In STEM achievement persisting across the U.S., access to technological resources can make a significant impact. K-12 education was disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, but the disruption could be mitigated by introducing the latest and innovative technology into the space.

KinderLab Robotics is one company that believes early learning robotics will help bridge that gap. KinderLab’s mission is dedicated to universal STEM literacy and aims to accomplish this by providing research-based robot kits to every young child. By developing STEM concepts through unconventional robotic learning technology, the company thinks that early careers in STEM can be shaped.

KinderLab Robotics, Inc.’s Jason Innes is responsible for curriculum development, professional development, and product line extensions for KIBO, an educational robot for children ages 4-7. As an advocate for playful learning in STEM education in early childhood, Jason applies 20 years of research supported by the National Science Foundation into how schools can best implement this model:

“Picture a group of young children learning about science. They’re investigating the world. They’re sharing discoveries. They’re solving problems with each other. They’re playing. This social collaborative, playful learning is the right model for STEM education in early childhood. At Kinder Lab Robotics, we promote creative STEM literacy for all students.

Our founder, Marina Umaschi Bers is a pioneer who has led 20 years of NSF-supported academic research into how young children learn STEM. Her research proves that to reach all students with STEM, you have to start young, and you also have to give young children developmentally appropriate tools and playful social learning experiences.

That’s why we make the KIBO Robot Kit. KIBO is a hands-on and screen-free robot. Kids as young as preschool can build, program, decorate, and tell stories by learning about engineering and coding with KIBO is that playful, collaborative social experience you pictured earlier.”

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