Mary Rusnak, Marketing Manager at CECO Environmental, believes that continuing education is fundamental to many industries. Continuing education is standard in medicine, so why not start something similar for environmental engineers? It was with that thought process in mind that Rusnak created the CECO Certified program.

“After a lot of research, I realized that professional engineers and other environmental professionals were also looking for ways to stay on top of the ever-evolving arena of environmental services,” Rusnak said. “And, really, the program was born from that.”

So, what did Rusnak Develop?

“CECO Certified is a continuing education program created for environmental professionals who wish to improve their knowledge of air quality, fluid handling and other energy processes,” she said.

For environmental engineers seeking PE credits for license renewals, the CECO Certified program offerings provide professional development hours – but this is not a program exclusive to environmental engineers.

“We found that many people are interested and can benefit from the program, even if they don’t need the credits,” Rusnak said. “There are a lot of people taking the program who are not engineers. It’s anyone who wants to learn more about environmental services.”

To put together and run the program, Rusnak said CECO utilizes its in-house knowledge experts.

“We have a wealth of knowledge and experience with our employees at CECO, and we want to share that expertise with other environmental professionals,” she said.