Steve Spangler On Social Media In Education

March 13, 2023
Sonia Gossai


Social media in education is transforming the way students interact with knowledge, opening up dynamic, participatory avenues of learning that engage and excite. Take, for example, the broad impact of science experiments that spill out from the traditional classroom onto the global stage of platforms like YouTube.

Remember the explosive glee of the elephant’s toothpaste experiment or the magical conversion of an alcohol-filled water jug into a whooshing rocket? These phenomena capture the imagination, driving learning beyond rote memorization and fostering a sense of wonder and exploration.

They shift the locus of learning from passive consumption to active participation, illustrating the real-world implications and applications of scientific principles. The mastermind behind such transformative learning experiences is none other than Steve Spangler, the ever-engaging educator with a knack for making science irresistibly fun.

Steve Spangler of Steve Spangler Science appeared on the CoachYu Show discussing the impact of his videos, recalling experiments like crushing cans with ice and water, the elephant’s toothpaste, and a 55-gallon drum experiment. He also touched on the subject of the role of social media in education.

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