Today, “project-based learning” can be found in the vernacular of most any educator, but it wasn’t that long ago when the phrase – much less the style of teaching – was unknown, maybe even radical. In this episode of MarketScale’s Ed Tech podcast, Josh Reppun, education thought leader and founder of @MLTSHawaii, encourages educators and administrators to be bold, brave and take risks in the way they teach and conduct their schools and classrooms. “We’re at a moment here,” Reppun said. “The moment is whether the traditional way of teaching will continue or whether it will be moved aside appropriately to make way for a new way of teaching and learning that best meets the needs of kids in this 21st century.” He dives into one of the first videos he produced on classroom culture, European History at La Pietra, which documents his philosophy on education and the cultural shift that’s moving teachers from “sage on the stage” to “guides on the side.”

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