Taming Twitter Trolls, Index Fund Risks Exposed, NVIDIA’s Overpowering Influence, and the ‘Risk off’ Question

July 3, 2023
Joshua Wilson


The disruptive landscapes of finance and social media lay bare new risks and rewards for industry professionals navigating these uncharted waters, including underestimated index fund risks, the influences of generative AI corporations like NVIDIA, and the rising tide of online trolling. An alarming trend that has necessitated this conversation is the growing dissonance between financial professionals’ digital persona and real-life identity, sparked by the need for audience engagement. It’s no longer about financial acumen but now includes the ability to manage a social media presence and the inherent threats it attracts, as 72% of Americans say that tech companies have too much power and influence in today’s economy, according to a 2020 Pew Research Center survey.

So, how does one manage the volatile cocktail of social media engagement, audience expectations, and financial management? What is the price of popularity on platforms like Twitter, and how does it impact one’s professional credibility?

Untamed Ethos dives into these burning questions with hosts Dr. Joshua Wilson, Founder of United Ethos Wealth Partners, and Russell Rhoads, Clinical Associate Professor at Indiana University School of Business, and their special guest Michael Gayed, CFA, Fund Manager, and Publisher of the Lead-Lag Report. Their conversation explores the effects and consequences of social media on financial professionals, unexpected index fund risks, and the growing influence of AI on investment portfolios, with companies like NVIDIA seeing strong positivity in the markets.

Key points of discussion include:

  • The interplay between online trolling and financial management
  • A deep dive into potential index fund risks and the influence of tech giants
  • How to handle a public persona on social media while maintaining credibility and authority
  • Answering the ‘risk off’ question regarding portfolio management strategies

Michael Gayed, a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), is a leading fund manager and the publisher of the award-winning ‘Lead-Lag Report.’ Gayed has built a formidable reputation as an industry expert, holding a solid following on social media platforms, particularly Twitter. Known for his unconventional, at times controversial, engagement style, Gayed has successfully merged his financial expertise with the dynamic realm of social media, making him a perfect fit to discuss this new-age challenge. His unique perspective, backed by his extensive education and accolades in the industry, will provide fascinating insights into this timely discussion.

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