Top 10 EdTech Favorites of 2019

This article was written by Monica Burns, Ed.D., and originally published on Monica is the author of Tasks Before Apps and host of Easy EdTech Podcast. You can follow her work on Instagram and Twitter @ClassTechTips.

It’s been a wild and wonderful year here at Class Tech Tips! Just like in years past, 2019 included school visits, conference visits, and webinars, both close to home and many miles away. In addition to sharing EdTech favorites on the blog, this year I launched a new podcast and a new membership site, too.

With a new decade approaching, I’m excited to bring you more free resources like the blog and podcast. You’ll also find more resources in 2020 for educators ready for a deeper dive into EdTech. I’ll open up enrollment to the Easy EdTech Club on March 25th and have a few more surprises coming to you in the next few months! Use this link if you’d like to get on the waitlist for the Easy EdTech Club.

In this blog post, I’ve put together ten EdTech favorites. The numbers for 2019 are in, and here are the five most-viewed blog posts on my site, along with the five most-downloaded episodes of the Easy EdTech Podcast. You’ll find links to all of them below so you can read or listen right away, or bookmark these favorites to check out later. Let’s jump into the list!

EdTech Favorites on the Blog

This year I made a conscious decision to decrease the number of blog posts while increasing the amount of content in each new post. With over 100 new blog posts, there was still a lot of content to explore. Regular readers of the blog (sign up here) know that I share new blog posts in my Monday afternoon newsletter.

Of course, you can search for a blog post by keyword using the search bar on this blog page. Or you can see the three most recent blog posts right on my homepage. Well today, I put together a list for you with the five most-viewed blog posts of 2019. Below you’ll find the link to each one along with a quick preview from the post. Happy reading!

5 Tips for Creating Infographics with Students

Do you use infographics in your classroom? Student readers should be able to gather information from infographics. Student creators should be able to make one. In this blog post, I’ll share five tips for creating infographics with students, along with a few places to find examples. You’ll also hear about a tool you can use…

Teacher Picks for Amazon Prime Day

Today is Amazon Prime Day and just like last year, I’ve created a new post this morning to share a list of some teacher favorites. In this blog post you’ll find three books I’ve read and loved this year and a few items that might be on your classroom wishlist. All of the links below are…

Easily Create Class Lists This Year with Class Creator

Like so many ideas that have changed the way we think about EdTech in action, many stem from challenges faced by educators in the field. It’s great when teachers turn their ideas into solutions that other educators can use! So when the team at Class Creator reached out to me earlier this year, I was…

High School Current Events Articles with Teacher Resources

Students of all ages benefit from learning about current events in the classroom. Introducing students to high-interest, relevant text goes beyond preparation for English Language Arts skills. You can help prepare students for the world of today and tomorrow with access to current events and skill building around critical thinking and evaluating sources. Readers today…

5 Things You Need to Know About Kahoot’s Summer Update

Do you Kahoot? For back-to-school this year, Kahoot has announced some big updates and new features. In this blog post, I’ll take you through five things you need to know about the Kahoot updates this summer…

Most-Downloaded Episodes of the Easy EdTech Podcast

Over the past few years, I’ve heard the same question from educators at conferences and school visits, “Do you have a podcast?” Until March of 2019, the answer was, “No, at least not yet.” Well, I’m very excited that this year, the answer to this question has changed.

During the first week of March (on my birthday!) I launched the Easy EdTech Podcast. Each episode is designed to give you bite-sized, actionable information. The episodes take you through big ideas and spotlight tools to help you put these ideas into action. I finish each episode with four steps to help “make it easy” so you can get started right away.

Here’s the list of the most downloaded episodes of the year. You can listen to them straight from the blog or find them on your favorite podcast app. This includes, Apple PodcastsSpotifyGoogle Play and more. Just search for Easy EdTech Podcast wherever you like to listen to podcasts!

How to Start Out (and Stay) Organized this School Year – Easy EdTech Podcast 021

In this episode, we’ll cover tips you can use to start out and stay organized this school year – perfect for educators in all roles. You’ll hear strategies for using technology to help with your organizational challenges including favorite apps and websites!

Part 1: 12 EdTech Tips for the Most Successful Year Yet – Easy EdTech Podcast 022

In this episode, we’ll cover EdTech tips you can use to have the most successful year yet! You can start this list anytime, but what better time than now? You’ll hear a handful of actionable strategies to energize and elevate teaching and learning in your classroom!

Why Teachers are Paying Attention to Instagram – Easy EdTech Podcast 007

In this episode, I share reasons why educators have turned to Instagram to gather ideas and share their classroom stories. You’ll hear ways to use Instagram and IGTV to find inspiration, lesson ideas, and lots of tips to bring back to the work you do everyday in schools!

Must-Have Productivity Tools for Teachers – Easy EdTech Podcast 017

In this episode, we’ll look at three productivity tools that can help you save time and make the most of every minute of your busy day. You’ll hear about three favorite productivity strategies that can help you stay organized throughout the school day and throughout the school year!

How To Strengthen Student Listening Skills with Podcasts – Easy EdTech Podcast 018

In this episode, we’ll discuss the “why” behind sharing podcasts with students along with six activities you can tailor to students of all ages. You’ll hear a shout out to a list of favorite kid-friendly podcasts along with ways to strengthen student listening skills with podcasts this school year!

Thank you for checking out this list of top ten EdTech favorites from 2019. To stay connected in 2020 and beyond, sign up for my free newsletter and get instant access to my EdTech guides!

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