Can You Unbundle Socialization, Childcare, and Education?

January 16, 2024
Michael Horn


Is it possible to effectively unbundle socialization, childcare, and education to create a more tailored and effective learning environment for children?

This question probes the heart of a transformative discussion on The Future of Education podcast, hosted by Michael B. Horn, featuring guest Manisha Snoyer, the CEO & Co-Founder of Modulo. Their conversation delves into the evolving landscape of education, particularly focusing on the potential of homeschooling to revolutionize learning approaches.

Horn and Snoyer explore Snoyer’s journey from actress to educational innovator. Snoyer, through her experiences in various educational settings and her role at Modulo, brings to light the core idea of modular learning – a customizable, parent-driven approach to education that challenges traditional schooling methods.

“School is trying to do socialization, childcare, and education, and as a result, they’re doing all pretty poorly,” Snoyer said. This insight underscores the podcast’s central theme: the potential of unbundling these elements to enhance the educational experience.

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