The “Voices of eLearning” Podcast provides business leaders with insights into current and future trends in eLearning. The “voices” on this show will include business leaders from a wide range of industries, eLearning professionals, technology experts and business professors, and they’ll all use front-line experience to deliver an unmatched look at the evolution of eLearning and its role in our collective future.

Each episode will allow guests to share their unique insights derived from their experience and knowledge, but “Voices of eLearning” will always look to cover current transitions in the world of B2B eLearning and thought leadership around future trends. This show will provide a roadmap for keeping your business one step ahead of the competition through education.

In the inaugural episode, Dr. Art Langer, Director of Programs in Technology Management and the Center for Technology Management at Columbia University, discusses the scalability of digital technology management, his non-profit work with Workforce Opportunity Services (WOS) and how COVID-19 is affecting our educational institutions, our workforce and our society.

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