What’s Next for the Future of Digital Education?

The future of digital education is here now; in a recent Financial Express think piece to coincide with National Education Day, the author argued that as “the world came to an unprecedented standstill, tectonic shifts occurred in the world of education… To date, technology has only addressed the surface issue of access – access to unlimited resources online and access to an expert on any topic from anywhere in the world.”

This is an important point – increased access to digital education has positively impacted learners all over the world. Nigel Nisbet, Vice President of Content Creation at the Mind Research Institute, thinks that the next step in the future of digital education will be educators transcending information access by utilizing educational models to stimulate critical thinking and knowledge application.

Nigel’s Thoughts

“Hi, this is Nigel Nisbet from Mind Research Institute. So, the interactive technology I’m really excited about for 2023 is not more classroom technology that’s going to help us push information at students. I’m interested in technology that’s going to help us get thinking and critical thinking out of students.

For example, using puzzles in a whole-class way to get kids to engage in problem-solving and express their thinking so they can hear how each other are solving the problem in different ways. That’s the stuff that I think is going to provide a really big benefit to teachers. The ability to, for example, use that type of thing as formative assessment, I think, is going to be really big over the next year or so, and it’s going to grow. Those types of technologies where students can engage with problems, use their critical thinking, and share those ideas live in the classroom, I think are going to be hugely beneficial for teachers as we go forward into the new year.”

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