What Happens When Disruption Creates Trauma?

October 17, 2023
Ron Stefanski


In a rapidly evolving world, where the boundaries of work and learning are being redrawn by technology, what happens when disruption creates trauma?

The collision of the digital realm with the physical has ushered in an era of disruption, often leaving individuals grappling with the ensuing trauma. As per the American Psychological Association, the perpetual cycle of adapting to new technologies has been linked to elevated stress levels. Amidst this backdrop, a pertinent question arises: How does one navigate through the psychological maze that disruption often engenders, and find a semblance of equilibrium?

The latest episode of DisruptED: Education and Upskilling edition delves into this very conundrum. Host Ron J. Stefanski engages with Terry Bean, Owner of TryBean, a luminary in the field of public speaking and community engagement, to examine what happens when disruption creates trauma and explore avenues to transmute adversity into a catalyst for growth and upskilling.

Stefanski and Bean discuss the following:

  • The rapid pace of technological advancement and globalization’s inadvertent effect on mental health, impacting individuals across different strata of society
  • Bean’s poignant narrative about the mental health challenges faced by his daughter amidst a series of traumatic events, shedding light on the human aspect of dealing with disruption
  • Finding routes to channel the distress emanating from disruption into a pathway for personal and community growth, with a special focus on education and upskilling

Terry Bean, a nationally acclaimed TEDx speaker, is revered for his ability to connect with audiences and instigate a dialogue around critical issues of the day. His journey, punctuated by a deep-seated commitment to community engagement, has seen him at the helm of various initiatives aimed at fostering a culture of continuous learning and growth. Bean’s insights in this episode provide a reflective lens through which one can view the tumult of the contemporary world, offering a semblance of hope and a roadmap towards navigating the often-murky waters of disruption-induced trauma.

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