When it Comes to Career Growth, Upskilling is the New Sheepskin: Remote Possibilities

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Even before the pandemic struck, new learning methods through remote technologies were exploding worldwide. Andrew Urodov, product manager at Practicum by Yandex, has tracked this phenomenon and shares his thoughts on where it is headed next in this latest episode of Remote Possibilities.

Practicum, which is a virtual training program to help people gain skills they need to jump start a career in tech, was born out of the NASDAQ-listed tech giant Yandex, operating across Russia and other countries in Europe, MENA and Central Asia. It is a new technology-based career advancement program which offers intensive 6 to 10-month training in three career tracks: Data Scientist, Data Analyst, and Web Developer.

The service, recently launched in the U.S., is a one-of-a-kind online learning platform that focuses on upskilling individuals wishing to pursue careers in technology by combining interactive training modules with the help of seasoned online tutors who already work for leading tech companies.

Practicum offers its students an opportunity to transition from careers that are becoming less relevant to those in tech where the average annual pay hit $94,000 last year in the U.S., according to the Dice Salary Report. In addition to accessible but rigorous tech training, Practicum also helps students develop relevant soft skills, such as effective communication and teamwork.

Practicum leverages its experienced team of tutors, who are all practicing industry professionals, to help students find their place in tech. Practicum is confident in its methods – so much so that it offers a full refund to students, who don’t get a new job or a promotion within six months of graduating. This is perhaps especially relevant now, as millions of Americans are forced to forge new career paths in the economic downturn.

Priced at $1,000 per program, the service offers 24/7 access to learning support, a dedicated Slack channel for discussions, and real-life simulations incorporated into an interactive learning platform. The students have access to code-review sessions from Practicum’s network of tech professionals. As Practicum grows, it plans to introduce more tech focused career tracks, expand its network of tutors and attract more students across the US.

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