Our Workforce and Education Systems Face Monumental Challenges That Call for Reform

August 22, 2023
Ron Stefanski


Navigating a time marked by swift economic and technological upheavals, understanding the world of work and learning has become more pivotal than ever. It’s crucial to address the “elephant in the room”: our workforce and education systems are lagging behind, not quite prepared for the 21st-century challenges they face. 

As discussions revolve around repairing these cracks in the workforce and education systems, the spotlight falls on those who have dedicated decades to understanding and molding workforce policies and practices. Talking to Ron J Sefanski on the matter for an episode of “DisruptEd,” is Jane Oates, President of WorkingNation, and a stalwart of labor and education reform. On the show, Oates thought back to her time as a classroom teacher, to becoming a game-changer in the U.S. labor movement.

She has decades of experience having worked at the US Department of Labor, and US Senate’s Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee (HELP). Her company has also done work in creating short films.

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