Bright Planet Solar: A Nationwide Company Excels in Solar Installations with User-Friendly Sol-ark System

March 3, 2023

Eric from Bright Planet Solar shares his experience with installing solar panels using the Sol-Ark system. Bright Planet Solar, a prominent nationwide company based in Massachusetts, has been making significant strides in the solar industry, recently ranking fourth in the country for installations.

In this interview, Eric discusses his first-time encounter with installing a Sol-Ark and expresses his surprise at how straightforward the process was. From the initial inspection to connecting the inverter and batteries, Eric and his team found the installation to be remarkably easy, despite encountering a minor setback with the bracket orientation, which was quickly resolved.

While they didn’t delve deeply into the Sol-Ark system’s screen functionalities, they ensured the batteries were properly charging and monitored the solar output. Eric candidly admits that due to a last-minute change from grid-tied to off-grid installation, their preparation focused primarily on the former, but he commends the Sol-Ark system for its consumer-friendly design and ease of installation.

Bright Planet Solar’s experience with the Sol-Ark system highlights its user-friendly nature and the intuitive installation process it offers.

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