Our Next Energy is ONE Company Disrupting the World of Batteries, Energy Storage, and Management – Part 2

The world of energy storage, management, and batteries is a conversation gaining growing prominence in this era of surging energy consumption. Over the past decade, the advancement of battery technology has emerged as a cornerstone of the electric vehicle (EV) revolution and the broader renewable energy transition. With 20% of all new cars sold globally by 2025 and virtually all new cars sold electric by 2040, the race is on to develop and manufacture more efficient and sustainable batteries. The stakes are high – this is no less than a defining factor in the future of energy, the global economy, and the planet.

But as industry chases technological progress, one question comes into sharp focus: what about the people powering this change? How does the rapid evolution of battery technology impact workforce development? Who ensures that the people in this rapidly changing industry have the necessary skills and support?

Tune in to this second episode of a two-part DisruptED series hosted by Ron J. Stefanski. Joining him for this insightful discussion on energy storage, management, and batteries are Mujeeb Ijaz and Deeana Ahmed from Our Next Energy (ONE), a Michigan-based trailblazer in the mobility ecosystem. ONE’s commitment to battery storage continues with a recent announcement of a new manufacturing facility in Charleston, WV. This second conversation with Stefanski explores the science and technology behind the energy storage revolution and the significant human element that drives it all.

In this episode, Stefanski, Ijaz, and Ahmed discuss the following:

  • The importance of local workforce development in the rapidly evolving energy industry and the approach that ONE is taking to invest in its employees and the local community
  • The impact of federal policy and the shift towards domestic manufacturing and job growth, especially in the field of battery technology
  • ONE’s focus on prioritizing wages and their plans for a 34% wage premium at their factory

Mujeeb Ijaz is the Founder & CEO of Our Next Energy, a seasoned engineer with decades of experience in the automotive and energy sectors, and an inventor with over 200 patents. Deeana Ahmed is the Chief Strategy Officer at Our Next Energy. With a background in economics and a passion for workforce development, she brings unique insights into the industry and the societal impact of these developments. Together, they are at the forefront of the energy revolution, reshaping the energy landscape, workforce, and communities.

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