Complimentary Service That Saves Money and Uncertainty

Imagine a space or product that needs illumination, and it’s up to you to make sure it turns out as expected. How do you know how much light your space needs? Photometrics, photometric studies, and photometric layouts are all different names for simulated lighting designs that can help you determine if a proposed plan is going to meet the project’s illumination requirements and your expectations.

Lighting installations and setups performed without the aid of a photometric study are at risk for undesirable results. The final installation may be too bright or too dim, resulting in dark areas or hot spots, and errors such as these can be expensive to correct. By simulating the results of a proposed lighting design in advance, the customer sees if a specific plan will work. It also allows both the buyer and the design team to simulate changes to a proposed plan before construction begins. US LED provides design analysis and photometric layouts for our general lighting customers free of charge, saving time, money, and uncertainty in all types of lighting projects.

There are many other benefits to this free service. A photometric layout allows performance comparisons between US LED lighting products, ensuring that the perfect lighting solution is chosen for each area. Advanced photometrics allow the buyer or designer to customize the layout to achieve the exact look desired, giving complete confidence in the final design choices. It takes virtually all the guesswork out of choosing the right product, quantity, and placement, allowing the buyer to rest easy knowing the best possible solution is in place based on their project requirements and design preferences.

US LED can accomplish this valuable free service thanks to advanced computing software specifically designed for photometric layout design, and their many years of working with established lighting standards. The specialized software is a powerful calculation tool for accurate photometric prediction that can compute illumination with any fixture placement and in any environment. Thus, it helps customers and designers visualize how light will impact various surfaces throughout their property.

US LED’s free approach is unusual in the industry. Typically, a photometric layout service is billed by the hour and revision charges apply, often making this important process very costly. US LED has been offering this complimentary service since its genesis in 2001. In fact, it’s one of the founding principles and serves to ensure that customers receive the best possible lighting result. Using the online submission form, one can submit a layout request that allows working directly with our lighting designers to achieve specific lighting goals for any project.

To learn more about how US LED can help with design analysis and photometric layouts as a complimentary service, please visit today!