Continental Battery Systems: The Best Inverters in the Universe

March 3, 2023

Continental Battery Systems, the largest battery distributor in North America, presents a comprehensive review of Sol-Ark inverters. Josh Brumm, representing Continental Battery Systems, expresses his unwavering confidence in Sol-Ark as the top choice for inverters in 99% of their projects.

The key feature that sets Sol-Ark apart from other inverters on the market is its superior technology. As a transformerless inverter, Sol-Ark boasts an impressive 15-20% higher efficiency compared to its competitors. This efficiency translates into tangible benefits, as it allows for more energy to be available for battery charging and powering electrical loads, reducing wastage and maximizing energy usage.

Sol-Ark’s versatility shines through its grid-tie capabilities. Users can opt for a grid-tie-only system initially, without the need for batteries, and seamlessly integrate battery storage at a later stage. This flexibility is especially valuable for customers who prefer a phased approach, allowing them to enjoy the benefits of solar power while gradually expanding their system.

The video emphasizes the exceptional support provided by Sol-Ark throughout the entire process. From pre-sales to after-sales service, Sol-Ark engineers work closely with Continental Battery Systems to ensure proper system design and customer satisfaction. They collaborate to create balanced systems, address unique requirements, and optimize energy usage.

Josh highlights a remarkable success story involving an off-grid establishment in Alaska. By utilizing Sol-Ark inverters, lithium iron phosphate batteries, and generator backup, the lodge has achieved substantial savings in fuel costs every month. This example demonstrates how Sol-Ark empowers businesses to reduce their reliance on fossil fuels and embrace sustainable energy solutions.

Another significant advantage of Sol-Ark inverters is their user-friendly interface. Equipped with a touch screen, programming and adjusting settings becomes effortless. Unlike other inverters on the market, Sol-Ark eliminates the complexities and frustrations associated with programming, thanks to accurate default set points and intuitive navigation. In case of any need for assistance, Sol-Ark provides remote support to ensure a seamless user experience.

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