Decrease in Renewable Energy Costs Could Provide Benefits to Commercial HVAC Technicians


Solar energy over the past year has become increasingly cheaper to own, operate and distribute. As solar and other renewable resources inch closer to, or beyond, parity with fossil fuels many industries across the globe are considering the potential benefits this could add to their bottom line.

Elizabeth Barber with North Carolina-base Service Logic predicts that lowering costs of renewal energy sources could even go as far as speeding up technology advancements within HVAC for technicians. Barber says, “Commerical HVAC is 100 percent dependent upon a reliable power supply. So having additional avenues to secure the power supply is good for our customers and good for us”.

Barber also notes that any additional resources that put power back into the hands of the technician result in potentially fast-tracking technology advancements. This, coupled with lower costs, means better services for companies and end-users alike.

Barber also said:

“Commercial HVAC has been high tech for a long time, and we are going to continue to see that trend accelerate, especially in regard to anything that puts the power into the hands of the technician in the field to show what’s going on in real-time. I recently read that the cost of renewable energy is coming down much faster than expected.

Commercial HVAC is a hundred percent dependent upon having a reliable power supply. So having additional avenues to secure the power supply is good for our customers and good for us.”

Learn more about Elizabeth Barber and her company’s offerings in the industry by visiting the Service Logic website.

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