ENTOUCH 360 Services Make a Positive Difference in the Retail Sector

August 10, 2021
James Kent


When an emergency need arises in the retail sector, a rapid resolution makes all the difference. John Casey, the National Account Sales Director for ENTOUCH, sheds light on why ENTOUCH consistently wins over its retail sector customers by sharing a compelling story that showcases the impact of ENTOUCH’s 360 services.

“Recently, we conducted a 90-day evaluation of our services for a retail customer, and the results were remarkable,” Casey said. “Across more than 20 sites, we identified and successfully resolved 62 emergency alerts or events remotely without the need for issuing a work order ticket. These incidents never reached our facility directors’ or customers’ desks because we tackled them independently. By doing so, we alleviated our customers’ burden and allowed them to focus on other critical tasks.”

This proven ability to proactively address and resolve emergencies without direct involvement from its customers sets ENTOUCH apart. Retail businesses are under immense pressure where every minute counts and disruptions can significantly impact operations, customer experience, and the bottom line. By swiftly and efficiently resolving issues behind the scenes, ENTOUCH empowers its customers to do more with less.

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