Gain Control of Your Power Usage

May 26, 2023


In this installment of The Volta Minute, we hear from George Galea, Vice President of Field Services for Volta Insite, as he emphasizes the crucial role of comprehensive power usage monitoring and diagnostics. George shares a customer call incident involving an EFD malfunction, underscoring the importance of effectively addressing power issues from the beginning. By utilizing real-time power monitoring devices like Volta Insite, businesses can proactively detect and swiftly resolve voltage disturbances.

In a fascinating account, George shares his firsthand experience of encountering voltage issues at a large, rural school, underscoring the immense value of a power monitoring device that provides radar indications, enabling timely interventions and problem-solving. This cutting-edge technology not only streamlines diagnostics but also allows George to collaborate seamlessly with factory experts, resulting in effective solutions for clients.

Furthermore, George reiterates the reliability and advancement of contemporary power monitoring units, emphasizing their susceptibility to voltage fluctuations. To maximize operational efficiency, George strongly advises businesses to embrace power monitoring solutions that not only offer real-time insights into power usage but also empower swift detection and resolution of potential issues.

Stay tuned for the upcoming episode of The Volta Minute, where we delve deeper into the vital importance of power monitoring and share expert tips, ensuring your motors run smoothly and your business remains at the forefront of efficiency.

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