How Deep-Sea Exploration Helped Shaped Triton Subs’ CEO and the Company’s Premier Submersible

June 15, 2023
Ron Stefanski


As we continue to penetrate the mysteries of space, another equally profound frontier remains largely unexplored: the ocean depths. Despite covering more than 70 percent of our planet, the vast majority of our oceans remain unmapped, unobserved, and unexplored, per National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. As technology advances, we’re slowly peeling back this aquatic curtain, and companies like Triton Subs are at the forefront of this brave new underwater world. Triton’s latest feat? The world’s first submersible capable of repeated dives to any ocean depth, launched in 2018. This groundbreaking vehicle represented a new pinnacle of deep-sea exploration. However, the strength and resilience of the Triton team played a crucial role in pushing past the initial challenges and setbacks to perfect the submersible’s design and functionality over time.

But what does it mean to journey into the deep, both technologically and personally? What surprising discoveries and challenges await beneath the surface of the world’s oceans?

This week on DisruptEd, host Ron Stefanski continued his interview of Patrick Lahey, the CEO and co-founder of Triton Subs. In this episode, Lahey shared an extraordinary perspective on deep-sea exploration, talking us through the cutting-edge technology of Triton Submersibles and recounting his adventures beneath the waves.

In this episode, Stefanski and Lahey had further discussion that touched on:

  • The incredible advancements in submersible technology that have made new depths of exploration possible.
  • Lahey’s personal experiences in submersible exploration, from the somber recovery mission of the space shuttle Challenger to filming elusive deep-sea creatures like the giant squid.
  • The critical importance of safety and certification in submersible operations, ensuring a flawless record of zero accidents.

Pat Lahey, a veteran of the industry with over 42 years of experience in diving and operating subs, is the CEO and founder of Triton Subs. His career has been marked by remarkable achievements, including participation in the recovery mission of the space shuttle Challenger and groundbreaking deep-sea filming expeditions. Inspired by pioneers like Jacques Cousteau, Pat continues to drive forward the possibilities of submersible technology and exploration.

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