How Did Volta Insite Identify an Abnormal Current Imbalance in the Hospital’s Motor Junction Box

June 2, 2023


On this installment of The Volta Minute as Takis Zourntos, VP of Products and R&D at Volta Energy, shares the remarkable story of how Volta Insite’s cutting-edge technology successfully detected and resolved an abnormal current imbalance in a hospital’s motor junction box. Takis takes us through the meticulous process of measuring direct current data linked to the facility’s motors and conducting in-depth analyses utilizing three-phase current data channels.

Through the power of Volta Insite’s cutting-edge technology, the collected current data undergoes meticulous scrutiny, with a primary focus on identifying any potential imbalances within the hospital’s electrical system.

Conducted with precision and expertise, the critical analysis performed by Volta Insite serves as a cornerstone in maintaining the stability and efficiency of the facility’s electrical infrastructure. Additionally, by addressing issues such as ground faults and irregular current flow, their comprehensive monitoring and analysis effectively prevent complications and hazards, thereby safeguarding the reliability and safety of the hospital’s electrical systems.

Takis Zourntos, a representative from Volta Insite, sheds light on the significance of detecting current imbalances in healthcare facilities. He emphasizes the paramount importance of early detection, highlighting its contribution to the uninterrupted functioning of critical medical equipment, as well as the overall well-being of patients and staff.

In this enlightening clip, we delve deep into the fascinating world of current monitoring, where we unravel the intricacies behind Volta Insite’s innovative technology. Join us as we explore the inner workings of Volta Insite’s advanced analytics, examining the ways in which it ensures the reliability, efficiency, and safety of electrical systems not only in hospital facilities but also across various industries.

Discover the transformative potential of current monitoring with Volta Insite, as we shed light on the extraordinary capabilities that guarantee optimal performance and mitigate risks. Don’t miss this captivating episode of The Volta Minute, where we uncover the secrets behind maintaining stable and secure electrical infrastructure in the modern world. So, be sure to tune in and gain valuable insights into how Volta Insite revolutionizes current monitoring practices, providing actionable data for proactive decision-making and precise troubleshooting.

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