Equipment protection is critical in today’s plant environments, allowing organizations across a wide range of industries to operate on thinner margins thanks to increased uptime and throughput. However, protecting the environment and meeting stringent regulations are also key goals.

Enter CECO Environmental.

Daniel Duncan, President of CECO’s Energy Segment, joined host Tyler Kern to outline how the company has brought premier brands with long histories of success in delivering elements of a holistic solution for plants to address unique needs in meeting goals in environmental stewardship, such as zero emissions goals.

“Plant operators are only making money if their plant is up and running, right? They obviously want to minimize operating costs, maintenance downtime, and all those things that add additional costs and reduce the margins of their operations,” Duncan said.

“[We help by providing things like] high-performance separation and filtration equipment that can be installed at the head of a compressor on a natural gas pipeline and protect the compressor from fouling or things that might destroy the operation of the compressor.”

That’s merely one example of how CECO, which is always looking toward the future and toward elevating its solutions for plant operators, is leading the way in engineering holistic and beneficial approaches to operating more sustainably and with better margins.

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