Inside the Manufacturing of the RoseWater Hub20


Key Points:

  1. Subassemblies: The building blocks of the Hub20 are meticulously crafted in the Advanced Power Group facility in Bellingham, Washington.
  2. Testing: Each unit undergoes thorough real-life testing for performance and reliability, which takes one to two days.
  3. Final Touches: After testing, units receive final touches before being shipped directly to customers’ job sites.


RoseWater Energy’s CEO, Joe Piccirilli, led a brief tour showcasing the manufacturing process of the RoseWater Hub20. At the Advanced Power Group facility in Bellingham, Washington, subassemblies, which are the building blocks of the Hub20, are meticulously crafted. These subassemblies are then mounted and layered into the rack, with the size magrac serving as the product’s backbone.

The next crucial step is testing, during which each unit undergoes thorough real-life testing for performance and reliability. This testing process usually takes one to two days and covers all units and subsystems. Once testing is complete, the units move to the advanced product area for final touches before being shipped directly to customers’ job sites.

Through the CEO’s narration and visuals of the manufacturing process, viewers gain insight into the level of detail and testing that goes into every RoseWater product. The emphasis on quality and performance highlights the company’s confidence in claiming to be “simply the best.” The video provides a glimpse into the meticulous craftsmanship and testing involved in building the RoseWater Hub20.

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