Much of the conversation around drones over the past year has been focused on pushing public perception on them from toy to tool. What hasn’t been the focus is how to best power these commercial drones. Lithium ion batteries were an easy first choice; they were commercially standard and accessible. But can they really elevate a drone to its full potential? On this podcast from the InterDrone trade-show floor, we were joined by Adam Schlender from Doosan Mobility Innovation, who explained how hydrogen fuel cell technology is the future of drone power.

“You end up in a 10x efficiency gain, not looking at flight time, but looking at the amount of data that can be collected in a single flight,” Schlender said. We dive into the inaccessible applications that fuel cells empower, their economic and ecological impact, and how to beat educate commercial drone users on the benefits and eventual necessity of improved flight time and diversified payloads.

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