While discussions on solar energy usually focus on how to efficiently capture the sun’s rays and convert that to usable electricity, the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi has his sights set on developing solar energy storage capability.

At the World Government Summit in Dubai, the Prime Minister expressed his dedication to technology as a driving force in human advancement. In his keynote speech, the Premier stated that India aims to generate 175 gigawatts of power from renewable sources by as early as 2022.

He also announced India’s creation of a “solar alliance” to allow less-developed countries the opportunity to benefit from solar power’s emergence.

The Prime Minister made a point of emphasizing the historic relationship between India and the Sun.

He praised the forward-looking vision of his country’s leaders, citing the creation of the post of Minister of the Future in the UAE, as well as the appointment of a Minister of Happiness and Quality of Life.

The Premier reinforced the idea that technology can, and should, change the future of governance.