final day of OTC

UPDATE: 2:00 p.m.

According to OTC, more than 60,000 attendees passed through the doors of NRG Park this week. What was your favorite exhibition or piece of technology? Was it pictured above in the submission by OTC Media Relations Supervisor Anthony Triana?

Everyone in the oil and gas industry notes that safety is the top priority in all business operations. When it comes to offshore drilling, this carefulness is even more paramount.

To keep rigs safe, autonomous technology has taken on a bigger role. Drones in particular have become a tool of choice for offshore infrastructure inspections. Cameras are critical to the quality of these inspections and infrared technology is leading to quicker, more complete awareness of potential safety risks.

The above photo was submitted by Infrared Cameras Inc. CEO/Founder Gary Strahan who is exhibiting at OTC this week.