Network Security is a Must to Protect Energy Management System Vulnerabilities

July 20, 2022
James Kent

The more sophisticated and frequent cybersecurity threats become, the more critical network security in energy management systems is required. 81% of global organizations experienced some form of cyber threat during the COVID-19 pandemic, and 79% of companies experienced downtime because of these threats. Companies today use more technology, including IoT devices, which increases the risk of a cyberattack. The question is: How can organizations maintain strong network security for their energy management systems and remove these threats?

This burning issue forms the crux of the latest episode of InTouch with ENTOUCH. Host Tyler Kern engages in a riveting conversation with Frank Menocal, CTO of ENTOUCH, to shed light on the crucial role of security in safeguarding energy management solutions from cyber-attacks.

Kern and Menocal’s conversation traverses significant aspects, including:

  • The importance of cybersecurity vigilance when integrating a new system into an existing enterprise network
  • The role of edge equipment in security measures and how ENTOUCH ensures that these devices do not become the weak link in an organization’s network security
  • The criticality of digitally signed and secured downloads and the implementation of multiple levels of security, including network-level, application-level, and authentication

Frank Menocal, with a distinguished career in technology and security, has been instrumental in enhancing ENTOUCH’s cybersecurity standards. As the CTO, he has spearheaded innovative measures to ensure robust security in the company’s energy management systems. Menocal’s expertise and insights have shaped the conversation around security in the energy sector, making this episode a must-watch for everyone vested in this field.

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