Avangrid Renewables just announced a mega deal with Nike. The athletic clothing company signed a power-purchase agreement that will buy 86 megawatts of power from the  286-megawatt Karankawa Wind Farm in Corpus Christi, TX. It also fulfills half of Nike’s plan to source 100% of it’s global energy from renewable sources by 2025.
Barrett Stambler, Avangrid Renewables Vice President of Origination is enthusiastic about the partnership. “Working with partners like Nike who have relentless focus on driving the development and availability of renewable energy is exciting and inspiring. This partnership allows us to have a very positive impact in the local communities where we own and operate these wind farms, creating jobs & economic development for rural America and advancing our country’s energy independence.”[1]
The deal comes at a time where renewable sources are set to overtake coal as its #1 energy source. “Investing in renewable energy is good for athletes, the planet and for business, and we will continue to drive collaboration to accelerate a low-carbon growth economy,” says Hannah Jones, Nike’s Chief Sustainability Officer.