Isolated offshore oil rigs create an obvious challenge, cataloging mission critical equipment, planning for supplies, allotting weight distribution and optimizing every square foot.

As the oil and gas industry pushes to make bigger investments in technology and explores how to expand the lifespan of rigs, simple things such as the choice of chains are often overlooked.

New products like Green Pin Tycan Chains can be as much as eight times lighter than standard steel chains.

It might be hard to convince a veteran roughneck to use fabric instead of traditional steel but this change would be astronomic for operations teams. Hundreds of tons would instantly be lifted off of the oil platform, making a more efficient rig as well as creating the opportunity to add more equipment.


The reduction in weight will also allow for a reshuffling of positions. Handling the chain becomes a one man job. The softer touch of the fabric reduces the risk of injuries, cuts, and back pain.


This simple but highly unique innovation has not gone unnoticed. The Green Pin team was awarded the small business award as part of the OTC Spotlight on New Technology program.