Installation of the next generation G-Max racking solution by Schletter is known for being easy to do. Over the last month, we have shared with you our video series on ramming posts, single person girder assembly, and purlin layout.

This week, we will address the fourth step of the G-Max installation. Of all the steps, this is the most challenging. But with our pro tips, we are confident that customers can install G-Max using the Schletter Jig and align all purlins, square the rack, and install purlin splices quickly and easily.

Watch the video and check out the detailed steps to complete the process.

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A Smart Rack for Smart Installers: Focusing on the 5 Steps to Installation and Site Workflow.

Wednesday, April 4 at 2 pm ET


Ryan Kelly, Vice President of Sales and Marketing
Eddie Bugg, Executive Vice President, Technologies and Applications


Schletter is North America’s premier provider of solar mounting systems for utility-scale PV plants, commercial and residential PV installations, and PV carports. G-Max by Schletter, the next generation of racking, features components that are optimized for strength and safety. The G-Max system’s fast and easy installation is so simple that a single person can install the girder, head adapter, and strut without assistance.

Ready to learn more about Schletter’s G-Max installation and site workflow recommendations?

Save the date for our educational webinar! On April 4 at 2 pm ET, Schletter will be offering an educational webinar: A Smart Rack for Smart Installers: Focusing on the 5 Steps to Installation and Site Workflow.

Join us for this one-hour session to:

  • See installation videos of the five steps with pro tips from our subject matter experts.
  • Hear about site workflows, including how many team members are needed to get the job done while saving on installation costs.
  • See our recommended list for equipment and tools.
  • Receive a free ground mount site workflow guide with detailed images about workflows, team members, equipment and tools.

You don’t want to miss this excellent session. See why G-Max is the innovative and smart way to install utility scale racking.