Energy storage is a difficult process, and as the industry becomes comprised of new technologies it is important for professionals to remain aware of best practices.

This week, leaders in the sector will have a chance to further educate themselves during Energy Storage North America (ESNA) in San Diego, California from November 5-7.

ESNA 2019 has a mission to educate and inspire, and this year it will attempt to do this through four distinct conference tracks.


For two days, attendees will learn the latest on all things utilities as the world heads into a clean energy future. From safety advice to long duration energy storage needs, participants will hear from experienced professionals about how to operate successful utility systems.

Smart Dispatch & Operations

As the world becomes smarter, more connected and more efficient, grid operators must stay up to date with the latest tools at their disposal. This track will provide attendees with a firsthand look at the newest technologies and how they can reduce costs going forward.

Developer/ C&I

This track will span the course of two days, with a mix of intermediate and advanced energy storage topics. These include how to finance and insure projects as well as an introduction to the latest energy storage solutions for projects of all size.

Global Grid

One of ESNA’s flagship programs each year is the Global Grid Transformation (GGT). The track brings international stakeholders together for a roundtable and workshops around grid transformation and country-to-country collaboration. This year GGT will focus on the promotion of decarbonized, resilient and affordable power grids.