MarketScale was in attendance for this year’s InterSolar Exhibit in San Francisco where businesses from all walks of smart renewable energy, wind to solar, gather to network and display their latest and greatest energy innovations. One company basking in solar energy success at the exhibit is Gamechange Solar. Speaking to the Founder and CEO Andrew Warden, the company is one of many optimistic about the future and rapidly improving and advancing solar technologies.

“Based on the fact that solar is now the least expensive way to make energy, along with wind, compared to any other competitive technology fossil fuels and nuclear—the solar and wind storage will be the only source of energy generation starting in 2021-2022.” the CEO stated. Mr. Warden also discussed the growth rate of the market and just how big solar energy is becoming. “We see a really substantial growth rate in the industry; over 110 GW a year requirement in the United States– 7 times over the current market level.”

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