What is the ENTOUCH Difference When Partnering with C Store Customers?

August 10, 2021
James Kent


John Casey, the National Account Sales Director for ENTOUCH, revealed the difference ENTOUCH brings to its partnerships with C Store customers. Convenience stores (C Stores) require creative building control and visibility solutions in a package that fits their restricted size format but at a price that fits the C Store business model.

“I have one customer who was talking to us, sharing that their evolving fresh food offering is going to drive the deployment of a variety of kitchen equipment, much of which they anticipate will be networked or connected, or IoT enabled,” Casey said. “They want a platform that can incorporate those devices when introduced into those stores. We already have a solution to that challenge with our ENTOUCH Gateway, which can connect to any network device that speaks a standard communications protocol. And we can deliver the same control and visibility of our native equipment.”

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