Where Are the Untapped Energy Resources on Your Property?

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Craig Kaiser is the President and Co-founder of LandGate, a data solutions and marketplace provider for land resources.

“Why is it important for people to understand the value of the potential energy resources on their property? There’s people that want those resources.

We live in a very energy-intensive world, and that energy has to come from somewhere, whether that is capturing photons and turning them into electrons with solar panels or capturing wind energy with wind turbines or producing oil and gas or coal.

People want that energy. And, typically, the people who own those resources are landowners, and they don’t have any kind of technology or expertise to help them understand what that’s worth.

When you have a severe gap between data and information, you have people that can be taken advantage of, and that typically happens in almost every energy spectrum across the board.

You have people who are unknowing, who own the resource, being taken advantage of by folks who are very knowledgeable and have all of the data.”

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