Evolving from Innovation to Industry Leadership in Temporary Climate Solutions

June 1, 2023

Polygon’s rich heritage and its evolution into a leading provider of temporary climate solutions. It emphasizes the company’s roots, starting over sixty years ago with the groundbreaking invention of the desiccant wheeled dehumidifier by Swedish entrepreneur Carl Munters. This invention laid the foundation for Polygon’s establishment and their subsequent delivery of innovative desiccant dehumidification and air conditioning systems worldwide.

Polygon’s commitment to research and development has led to advancements in the technology pioneered by Carl Munters. Today, the majority of high-performance industrial dehumidifiers still utilize the desiccant wheel technology invented by Munters. Building upon this legacy, Polygon Group emerged in 2010, focusing on their core expertise in temporary climate solutions.

By specializing in this field, Polygon has been able to leverage their knowledge and experience to better support customers in various industries, including food, manufacturing, construction, technology, and surfaces. Polygon’s dedication to continuously innovate, expand their capabilities, and increase their capacity to serve a growing customer base while ensuring the satisfaction of their existing clients.

The overarching goal of Polygon is to build upon the proud heritage of their founder’s ambitions and accomplishments. They aim to maintain their industry leadership in preventing, mitigating, and controlling the effects of water and climate for their customers. With a commitment to being by their customers’ side, Polygon Group strives to provide reliable and effective solutions, further establishing themselves as a trusted partner in addressing climate-related challenges.

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