ExactAire®️: Prevention and Risk Mitigation with Real-time Visibility and Control of Indoor Climates

February 1, 2023

Deanna Talbot, the Director of Marketing at Polygon, introduces a panel of experts who discuss the importance of data and technology in creating healthy and energy-efficient buildings. The discussion is led by David Simkins, the Director of Engineering and Technology, and Frank Dobosz, the President of Polygon in the U.S.

David reflects on the evolution of Polygon’s technology over the past three decades, focusing on improving indoor climate control and leveraging new sensors in the indoor air quality market. He explains how the introduction of connected devices and IoT technology, specifically the fifth generation technology called “ExactAire E5,” has enhanced Polygon’s ability to provide real-time data on space conditions and offer wireless communication between sensors and the cloud.

The panel emphasizes the significance of data in various industries. Regulatory compliance, such as monitoring CO2 levels and gas concentrations in food plants, drives the need for real-time access to actionable data. They highlight how real-time data is crucial not only in the food industry but also in areas like the coatings industry, construction industry, and building envelope specifications. The ability to measure temperature, humidity, and moisture content aids in documenting conditions and preventing issues like mold and mildew.

Frank emphasizes the shift in the construction industry towards building healthier spaces and reducing energy consumption. He discusses how contractors are becoming more educated about managing indoor climates during construction processes, highlighting the importance of optimized humidity and temperature control. The use of engineered solutions and real-time data allows contractors to make informed decisions, order the right equipment, and minimize energy waste.

The panel also addresses the broader impact of Polygon’s technology on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) practices. They emphasize how Polygon’s focus on energy efficiency, healthy environments, and data-driven decision-making aligns with the triple bottom line concept of people, planet, and profits. By creating mutually beneficial solutions, Polygon aims to support clients in achieving profitability, ensuring the well-being of workers, and reducing the environmental impact of construction processes.

Through their advanced sensors, real-time data analysis, and engineered solutions, Polygon aims to provide clients with optimal indoor climate control, regulatory compliance, and sustainable practices.

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