Exciting Career Opportunities for Women in STEM

June 30, 2021
Sarah Verna


Being a woman in STEM can be challenging. But, for many, it’s a field with limitless opportunities and the potential for life-changing growth.

Michelle Hand, who holds a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering, was always attracted to the mechanical side of things. She grew up in a family of “backyard engineers,” was enamored with race cars, and found her career footing as a mechanical engineer before joining Calgary Robotics, one of North America’s leading providers of turnkey automated systems and machine replication services, as an applications engineer.

Host Sarah Verna, Corporate Marketing Manager of Calgary Robotics, was joined by Hand on this episode of Advanced Automation to talk about her career strides in engineering, an area that’s historically been dominated by men.

Mechanical engineering, Hand said, is a viable option for women, yet they’re often discouraged from pursuing it. Ultimately for Hand, the challenge wasn’t so much being a female engineer, but being a young engineer.

“One of the hurdles of being a young engineer is proving your abilities,” she said. “You have to prove your dedication.” Her diligence paid off, and ,last year, she transitioned her engineering skills to sales, becoming a Business Development Manager.

Being on the ground floor of an explosive industry has also opened her eyes to future advancements within the automated field.

“Robotics and humans will work hand-in-hand, with the use of artificial intelligence, to increase overall production,” she said.

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