FABTECH 2023: Finishing Consultants Partners with LestaUSA to Bring Proven Robotic Finishing Solutions

October 2, 2023


The rapid evolution of technology in recent years has drastically transformed the manufacturing industry, unlocking new horizons in efficiency, precision, and scalability and bringing forth proven robotic finishing solutions. This transformation into an adoption of robotics and automation is reshaping the realm of finishing solutions within manufacturing. With FABTECH 2023 serving as a veritable showcase of these advancements, the stakes are high as companies race to integrate these robotic solutions to enhance their operational efficacy and future-proof their processes against the necessities of an increasingly competitive market.

In a landscape brimming with potential yet fraught with complexity, the quintessential question looms: How can manufacturers seamlessly integrate robotics into their finishing operations to achieve an unrivaled standard of excellence?

In the latest episode of Manufacturing a Stronger Standard, presented by LestaUSA, host Derek DeGeest, President of the DeGeest Corporation, engages in a riveting discussion with Brenda LaSorella, the COO of Finishing Consultants, and Jason White, the National Sales Manager for Finishing Consultants. Their conversation orbits around the burgeoning partnership between Finishing Consultants and LestaUSA and its instrumental role in delivering proven robotic finishing solutions to the industry.

DeGeest, LaSorella, and White’s conversation include the following:

  • The criticality of coupling extensive industry experience with cutting-edge automation to deliver tailored solutions
  • The symbiotic relationship between robots and finishing equipment emphasizing the vital importance of local support and service in navigating the challenges of automation
  • Success stories emanating from this collaborative endeavor, with multiple repeat orders and burgeoning projects serving as testaments to the efficacy and reliability of the solutions provided

Brenda LaSorella, with a venerable tenure in the industry, brings to the table a wealth of knowledge and expertise honed over 32 years at Finishing Consultants, a company renowned for its focus on finishing equipment. Alongside her, Jason White, although new to his role as the National Sales Manager, is fervently navigating the West Coast, assisting sales teams in identifying and leveraging burgeoning opportunities in the realm of automation. Their collaborative efforts with LestaUSA, under the aegis of Derek DeGeest, epitomize a forward-thinking approach to harnessing the power of robotics in elevating the standards of the finishing industry, thus carving a path for manufacturers eager to ascend to new pinnacles of operational excellence.

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