FABTECH 2023: A Finishing Industry Update from LestaUSA National Sales Director, Steve Schwartz

October 2, 2023


The modern manufacturing industry stands at the cusp of a paradigm shift ushered in by the robust adoption of robotic technology and automation, particularly in finishing operations. While promising a leap in efficiency and precision, this transition invites many challenges and considerations. As showcased in FABTECH 2023, the amalgamation of seasoned expertise with innovative automation solutions seems to herald a new era, yet the path is laden with queries awaiting elucidation.

One pivotal question resonates amidst the technological uproar: How can manufacturers seamlessly integrate and optimally utilize robotic technology in their finishing operations to foster an unrivaled standard of excellence?

In this episode of Manufacturing a Stronger Standard, hosted by Derek DeGeest, President of the DeGeest Corporation, DeGeest welcomes enlightening Steve Schwartz, the newly appointed National Sales Director for LestaUSA. Recorded live at FABTECH 2023, DeGeest and Schwartz provide a finishing industry update highlighting the intricate dynamics of integrating robotics in finishing operations and the myriad considerations in this transition.

DeGeest and Schwartz discuss the following:

  • The significance of not merely integrating but aligning robotic technology with existing operations and local support systems to ensure a seamless transition and ongoing efficiency
  • The necessity of forging partnerships with local entities servicing the finishing industry, embodying a collaborative approach to navigating the complexities of robotic integration
  • The integral role of educating both distributors and end-users on the nuanced dynamics of robotics, ensuring an informed and adept transition towards automated operations.

With his four and a half decades of experience in sales and distribution management, Steve Schwartz brings a wealth of expertise to his new role at LestaUSA. His vision encapsulates a collaborative ethos, aiming to foster a synergistic relationship between LestaUSA and local entities in the finishing industry. This partnership-centric approach seeks to ensure a smooth and informed transition towards robotic automation, addressing the multifaceted challenges head-on while propelling the finishing sector into a new epoch of operational excellence.

As this finishing industry update between DeGeest and Schwartz unfolds, it becomes evident that the journey toward robust robotic integration is not solitary but a collaborative endeavor. With a precise focus on education, partnership, and ongoing support, the duo sheds light on a pragmatic pathway forward to harnessing the prowess of robotics in the finishing industry, promising a brighter horizon for manufacturers striving to thrive in the modern industrial landscape.

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