Tamlyn Director of Architectural Products Ian Daniels joined host Tyler Kern remotely to address the company’s response to the uncertainty created by the COVID-19 pandemic, highlighting several key aspects of the company’s operations as coronavirus continues to disrupt business the world over.

For outside sales staff and distributors, Tamlyn is working to provide options for remote productivity, such as increased video capabilities and the creation of digital educational assets designed to promote communication and knowledge without face-to-face meetings.

“We’re kind of taking a twofold approach,” Daniels said. “For our outside sales team, what we’re doing is, obviously, a lot of video … At our home base back in Houston, what we’re doing, which is pretty cool, is we’ve taken as many people as we can that can work from home, we’ve had them work from home.”

Tamlyn has also taken other precautions for on-site staff, such as regular disinfecting, promotion of social distancing, even in-office, and more.

To help provide critical protective masks, Tamlyn is partnering with Paty, Inc., a company that makes infant clothing, to leverage its commercial, weather-resistant barrier material to make that protective equipment.

Finally, Daniels said the XtremeTrim product line, Tamlyn’s flagship product, is doing as well as ever.

“It hasn’t slowed down. Actually, it’s probably allowed us to ramp it up, a little bit,” he said. “It’s given some of our guys some time to sit back, think about new profiles and start creating new profiles. It’s also enabled some business-to-business partnerships to come back into the realm. … The really exciting thing for us is we’ve done some new, two-piece profiles.”

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