Innovative Environmental Control Solutions at Alexan Gateway: Ensuring Optimal Conditions for Construction

June 1, 2023

Polygon showcases their temporary environmental control services provided for the Alexan Gateway project in Kent, Washington, in collaboration with Absure Construction. The editorial overview provides a summary of the key points covered in the video.

Polygon’s role in the project is to deliver temporary environmental control solutions to three buildings at the site. They utilize a combination of desiccant dehumidification and gas-fired indirect heaters to create dry and heated air. The focus is on achieving the right air distribution with sufficient velocity and volume to create a positive pressure throughout the building.

The video takes viewers inside one of the buildings, highlighting the stacked desiccant dehumidifiers delivering 10,000 CFM of air. Flex ducts and ten mil polylay flat tubes are used for air circulation, ensuring durability and efficient drying. The strategically placed perforations in the distribution ducting allow dry air to flood the floor space, accelerating drying times for various materials such as joint compound, wood framing, and floor leveling products.

Polygon’s centrally located system and temporary ducting enable effective distribution of dry, heated air throughout the construction environment.

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