On the Conveyor Belt of Progress: What is in Store for DCS in 2024

March 6, 2024


With the dawn of a new era in material handling and logistics marked by digital transformation and automation, Designed Conveyor Systems (DCS) has emerged as a vanguard. Their strategic movements, including the successful integration of Datum technology and recent corporate acquisitions, underscore an industry-wide evolution towards efficiency and smart solutions. In an era where innovation equals survival, DCS’s latest developments are not just improvements but essential milestones that redefine industry standards.

The dialogue in the industry circles around a pivotal question: As DCS carves a path forward with these advancements, what can businesses and industry partners expect in terms of innovation, integration, and strategic direction?

On Time in Full” shines the spotlight on these exciting developments, as host Gabrielle Bejarano engages with Abigail Milligan, an Account Executive from the Strategic Development team at DCS. The podcast promises an informative dive into DCS’s recent updates, Datum’s industry adoption, impactful trade shows, and strategic partnerships, all shaping the future of logistics.

Highlights from the Episode:

  • DCS’s growth trajectory marked by strategic acquisitions and expanding trade show presence.
  • Datum’s integration success within top-tier WMS systems and its transformative impact on distribution operations.
  • DCS’s synergistic partnership with Waller and Associates and its influence on expanding service capabilities.

About the Guest:

Abigail Milligan brings to the conversation not just her expertise as an Account Executive but also a keen insight into DCS’s strategic development initiatives. Her role in orchestrating key partnerships and driving technological adoption is indicative of DCS’s commitment to industry leadership and innovation.

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