Optimizing Tree Selection for New Developments in North Texas

May 23, 2023


Importance Of Tree Selection And Planting

Argyle Councilman Ron Schmidt joins the latest installment of Building Roots by TreeNewal. Host Wes Rivers sheds light on the importance of tree selection and planting in Argyle, and its impact on creating sustainable community development. Rivers and Schmidt discuss how it’s extremely important to consider several factors when selecting the right kind of tree for your property.

Soil health, drought tolerance, and location placement are just a few of the many things to consider when planting a tree. For instance, trees with drought tolerant species such as the Monterey Oak are an excellent choice for arid sandy soil commonly found in many places around Argyle. It is advisable to consult with certified arborists to assess soil tests, drainage levels, and exposure to sunlight. This will determine the type of species that would work best for your property.

The benefits of planting trees cannot be overstated. They add value to your home with a beautiful landscape. They also reduce air pollution levels and minimize soil erosion risks. It is equally important to educate residents on the preservation of existing trees. Residents are encouraged to understand warning signs to look out for such as bark damage or unusual leaf discoloration. Developers also play an important role in preserving trees and choosing the right species for a particular environment.  Developers must consider prioritizing tree placement adjacent to streets and sidewalks such that their future growth is not impeded.

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